Quartz Composer 3.0 in Leopard contains templates for Graphic Animation (Keynote backgrounds, etc); Graphic Transition (iMovie '08 transitions); Image Filter (iChat effects); Music Visualizer (iTunes visualizers); RSS Visualizer (?); and Screen Savers. Create a new composition from one of these templates, put your composition into /Library/Compositions (or ~/Library/Compositions if you're timid) and it will be available to any application that requests a list of that class of composition.

I've been playing with the iTunes visualizers and iChat effects. I put a few in the "Compositions" page. This sure makes it easy to extend the built-in effects; I'm amazed more online publications (especially Ars Technica!) haven't expounded on this feature at length. Video effects for the masses! Viva la revolution!

Sam's Quartz Composer Site Rebirth

After installing Leopard on Friday and seeing how much they've added to Quartz Composer, I've decided to start tinkering with it again. Since I don't even have the files or software used to create the old site, I'm starting over with a DreamWeaver site. Hopefully this time I'll be able to keep it a little more organized.

I plan on posting most of my old compositions as well as any new ones I create on the Compositions page, and I'm going to try my hand at some custom plug-ins now that they're officially supported and post them as well and post them on the Custom Plug-Ins page. I'll also have to check out all the old sites like and see what's up over there.

Last time I got into Quartz Composer I didn't have a kid (now I have two), so don't expect as quick progress as I used to make...